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 OST - LP "Words And Music/7 Brides For 7 Brothers"-195? MGM UK. Musical, vocal pop. Music by Richard RODGERS and Gene DE PAUL/Johnny MERCER.  0.5 
 OST-Lp"High Society"-1956 Capitol England. Vocal-pop, jazz. // Feat. Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra... 3.2 
 OST - LP "Gigi" - 1958  CBS UK. Musical, vocal pop. Music by Frederick LOEWE. Feat. Maurice CHEVALIER, Andre PREVIN and his ORCHESTRA.  0.5 
 OST - LP "Say One For Me" - 1959 Columbia (6-Eyes) USA. Easy listening. Feat. Bing CROSBY.  3 
 OST - LP "South Pacific" - 1958 RCA England. Easy pop. ROGERS & HAMMERSTEIN. 0.5 
  OST-Lp"South Pacific" - 1958 RCA England. Easy pop. // ROGERS & HAMMERSTEIN. MONO 1 
 OST - LP "South Pacific" - 1961 RCA England. Soundtrack, orchestral pop. Music by RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN. 2 
 OST - LP "My Fair Lady"-196? CBS Germany. Musical, soundtrack. Deutsche version.  0.5 
 OST - LP "The King And I" - 196? Capitol UK. Easy listening. Music by Richard RODGERS. Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Alfred NEWMAN.  0.5 
 OST - LP "Oklahoma !" - 196? Capitol USA. Easy listening. Music by Richard RODGERS. Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Jay BLACKTON.  0.5 
 OST - LP "High Society" - 196? Capitol Holland. Jazz, vocal jazz. Music by Cole PORTER. Incl. hits "High Society Calypso", "Now You Has Jazz". Feat. Frank SINATRA, Bing CROSBY, Louis ARMSTRONG AND HIS BAND. 2 
 OST - LP "West Side Story" - 1961 Supraphon Czechoslovakia. Soundtrack, orchestral pop. Music by Leonard BERNSTEIN.  1 
 OST - LP "The Sound Of Music" - 1965 RCA Victor England. Easy listening, musical. Music by Richard RODGERS. Incl. hit "Do-Re-Mi". Feat. Julie ANDREWS. BOOKLET. 1.5 
 OST - LP "Doctor Schiwago" - 1965 MGM Germany. Orchestral pop, soundtrack. Music by Maurice JARRE. Incl. hit "Lara`s Theme". 1.5 
 OST-Lp"The Sound Of Music"-1965 RCA England. Musical. // Feat. Julie Andrews. // SOLD 2.3 
 OST-Lp"The Sound Of Music" - 1966 MFP England. Easy listening, musical. // With Alyn AINSWORTH & his Orch. & Singers. 1 
 OST -LP "Camelot" - 1967 Warner Bros. England. Easy listening. Music by Frederick LOEWE. Feat. Vanessa REDGRAVE, Richard HARRIS and Alfred NEWMAN.  0.5 
 OST - LP "Finian`s Rainbow" - 1968 Music For Pleasure UK. Musical, vocal pop. Feat. MIKE SAMMES SINGERS.  1 
 OST - LP "Funny Girl" - 1968 CBS UK. Musical, vocal pop. Feat. Barbra STREISAND.  1 
 OST - LP "Oliver !" - 1969 RCA Victor UK. Easy listening, musical. Music by Lionel BART. BOOKLET.  1 
 OST - LP "Funny Girl" - 1971 Amiga DDR. Musical, vocal pop. Feat. Barbra STREISAND.  1 
 OST - LP "Cabaret" - 1972 ABC Germany. Pop, soundtrack. Feat. Liza MINNELLI. Incl. hits "Cabaret", "Money, Money".  2 
 OST - LP "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" - 1975 Epic Canada. Pop-rock, soundtrack. Feat. MEATLOAF. 2 
 OST - 2LP "Saturday Night Fever" - 1977 RSO Germany. Disco. Feat. BEE GEES, M.F.S.B., Walter MURPHY, K.C. & SUNSHINE BAND, TAVARES and others...  3 
 OST - 2LP "Saturday Night Fever" - 1977 RSO Germany. Disco. Feat. BEE GEES, M.F.S.B., Walter MURPHY, K.C. & SUNSHINE BAND, TAVARES and others...  4 
 OST - LP "Bilitis" - 1977 Warner Bros. Germany. Orchestral pop. Music by Francis LAI. 3 
 Annie-Lp-1978 CBS England. Musical. // Original London Cast. 2.3 
 OST - 2LP "Grease" - 1978  RSO Germany. Teen idols, rock`n`roll. Feat. Frankie VALLI, John TRAVOLTA, Olivia NEWTON-JOHN, Frankie AVALON, SHA-NA-NA and others... 4 
 OST - LP "Summer Night Fever" - 1978 Ariola Germany. Disco. Feat. LA BIONDA-"One For You, One For Me", Gerry RAFFERTY-"Baker Street", Amanda LEAR-"Follow Me", D.D. SOUND-"1,2,3,4, Gimme Some More" and others. // SOLD  1.5 
 OST-Lp"Rocky II"-1979 Liberty Italy. Soundtrack. // Music by Bill CONTI 4.5 
 OST-Lp"The Wanderers"-1979 RCA Germany. Funk, soul, pop. // DION, Lee DORSEY, Isley Brothers, Contours, Shirelles... 7.5 
 OST - LP "The Warriors" - 1979 A&M Germany. Funk, soul, hard-rock. Feat. Joe WALSH-"In The City", Barry De VORZON-"Theme From The Warriors", Arnold McCULLER-"Nowhere To Run", Desmond CHILD-"Last Of An Ancient Breed" and others...  2 
 OST - LP "Fame" - 1980  RSO Germany. Pop-rock. Incl. hits "Fame" (Irene CARA), "Out Here On My Own", "I Sing The Body Electric".  2 
 OST-Lp"Honky Tonk Freeway" - 1981 Capitol USA. Rock, pop, honky tonk. // Feat. Paul Jabara, Russell Smith, Linda Hart, Roger Cook, Beverly D"Angelo, Frank Musker. 1.8 
 OST - LP "Arthur" - 1981 Warner Bros. Italy. Soft-rock, orchestral pop. Feat. Christopher CROSS, Stephen BISHOP, AMBROSIA, Burt BACHARACH.  2 
 OST - LP "The Natural" - 1981 Warner Bros. Germany. Orchestral pop, soundtrack. Music by Randy NEWMAN.  2 
 OST - LP "La Boum 2" - 1982 Carrere Germany. Pop, soundtrack. Music by Vladimir COSMA. Incl. hit "Reality". 4 
 OST-Lp"Flashdance"-1983 Casablanca Germany. Synth-pop. // Michael Sembello "Maniac", Irene Cara "Flashdance", Laura Branigan, Joe Esposito, Donna Summer...  3.5 
 OST - LP "Flashdance" - 1983 Casablanca Germany. Feat. Irene CARA, Joe ESPOSITO, Laura BRANIGAN, Michael SEMBELLO, Donna SUMMER and others... 2 
 OST - LP "The Pink Panther" - 1983 RCA Germany. Orchestral pop, soundtrack. Music by Henry MANCINI.  3 
 OST - LP "An Bloem" - 1983 CNR Holland. Music By Bob ZIMMERMAN. Feat. SCHONBERG ENSEMBLE. ЗАПЕЧАТАН!!!  3 
 OST-Lp"Staying Alive"-1983 RSO Germany. Disco, pop-rock. // Side A: "BEE GEES" // Side B: Frank Stallone, Cynthia Rhodes, Tommy Faragher. 4.5 
 OST - LP "Against All Odds" - 1984 Atlantic Germany. Pop-rock, jazz-rock. Incl. hits Incl. hit Phil COLLINS - "Against All Odds". Feat. Stevie NICKS, KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS, Larry CARLTON and others... 3 
 OST - LP "Beverly Hills Cop" - 1984 MCA Germany. Pop-rock, funk, soul. Incl. hit "Axel F". Feat. SHALAMAR, Glenn FREY, POINTER SISTERS, THE SYSTEM, Patti LaBELLE and others...  3 
 OST - LP "Footloose" - 1984 CBS UK. Pop-rock, hard-rock. Feat. Kenny LOGGINS - "Footloose", Mike RENO (LOVERBOY) & Ann WILSON (HEART) - "Almost Paradise", Bonnie TYLER - "Holding Out For A Hero" and others... 1.5 
 OST - LP "Streets Of Fire" - 1984 MCA Germany. Pop-rock, funk, new wave. Feat. THE FIXX, THE BLASTERS, Maria McKEE, Dan HARTMAN, Ry COODER and others...  2 
 OST - LP "Moonlighting" - 1984  MCA USA. Jazz, funk, soul. Feat. Billie HOLIDAY, Chubby CHECKER, THE ISLEY BROTHERS, Percy SLEDGE, Al JARREAU, Bruce WILLIS and others...  3 
 OST - LP "Miami Vice" - 1985 MCA USA. Pop-rock, dance, soul. Feat. Jan HAMMER, Chaka KHAN, Phil COLLINS, Tina TURNER and more...  2 
 OST - LP "A Chorus Line" - 1985 Casablanca Germany. Music By Marvin HAMLISCH.  2 
 OST - LP "Miami Vice II" - 1986 MCA Germany. Pop, rock. Phil COLLINS, Jan HAMMER, ROXY MUSIC, DAMNED...  2 
 OST-Lp"Sins"-1986 Philips Holland. Soundtrack. // Music by FRANCIS LAI // Feat. Roland Romanelli ("SPACE"), Michel Legrand..  8 
 OST - LP "Top Gun" - 1986  CBS Holland. Feat. BERLIN-"Take Me Breath Away", Kenny LOGGINS-"Danger Zone", Harold FALTERMEYER and Steve STEVENS-"Top Gun Anthem", CHEAP TRICK-"Mighty Wings" and others...  2 
 OST - LP "Fire And Ice" - 1986 MCA USA. Pop-rock. Feat. Gary WRIGHT (Ex.- SPOOKY TOOTH), Harold FALTERMEYER.  2 
 OST - LP "Playing For Keeps" - 1986 EMI/Parlophone Germany. Pop-rock. Feat. Pete TOWNSHEND (THE WHO), Peter FRAMPTON, Julian LENNON, Phil COLLINS and others. 3 
 OST - LP "Hiding Out" - 1987 Virgin USA. Feat. Boy GEORGE-"Live My Life", PRETTY POISON-"Catch Me", Felix CAVALIERE-"So Different Now", Roy ORBISON and K.D. LANG-"Crying", P.I.L.-"Seattle" and others. (IN SHRINK).  3 
 OST - LP "Beverly Hills Cop 2" - 1987 MCA Germany. Pop-rock, funk, soul. Feat. Bob SEGER, Charlie SEXTON, POINTER SISTERS, Jermaine JACKSON, George MICHAEL and others...  3 
 OST - LP "Who`s That Girl" - 1987 Sire Germany. Dance-pop, new wave. Feat. MADONNA, SCRITTI POLITTI, CLUB NOUVEAU. Incl. hit "Who`s That Girl".  3 
 OST-Lp"More Dirty Dancing"-1988 RCA Germany. Pop, latin, salsa, mambo. // The Surfaris, Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, The Shirelles, The Drifters... 2.5 
 OST - LP "More Dirty Dancing" - 1988 RCA Germany. Pop, new wave, teen idols. Incl. hits Incl. hit "(I`ve Had) The Time Of My Love (Instrumental)". Feat. SURFARIS - "Wipeout", THE FOUR SEASONS - "Big Girl Don`t Cry", Otis REDDING - "Love Man" and others...  1.5 
 OST - LP "Salsa. The Second Album" - 1988 MCA Germany. Pop, mambo, salsa. Incl. hits Incl. hit "Salsa Heat", "Mambo Miranda. Feat. Michael SEMBELLO, Celia CRUZ, Tito PUENTE and others...  3 
 OST-Lp"Rivalen Der Rennbahn"-1989 Hansa Germany. Synth-pop, disco. // Feat. Blue System, Les McKeown, Countdown G.T.O., Ricky Shayne... // Music & produced by Dieter BOHLEN 6 
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